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Library Strategy

Our vision in Merthyr Tydfil Public Libraries is a shared vision across Wales and incorporates the Libraries Inspire vision:

‘Libraries will inspire the people of  Merthyr Tydfil to enjoy reading, enhance their knowledge and skills, to enrich their quality of life and empower them to realise their full potential’.

This vision relates directly to the Merthyr Leisure Trust vision statement:

‘Enhancing lives through leisure and culture’.

This vision will be realised by achieving the core offer of entitlements for both educational and public libraries across Wales:

  • Be open to all members of their communities
  • Be free to join
  • Lend books for free
  • Deliver free access to information Provide free use of the internet and computers
  • Deliver free use of online information resources 24 hours a day
  • Provide access to high quality resources in a range of formats, including those in the Welsh Language, reflecting changing forms of publication
  • Ensure friendly, knowledgeable and qualified staff are on hand to help
  • Provide a safe, attractive and accessible physical space with suitable opening hours
  • Stage a range of activities to support learning, enjoyment and enable users to obtain the maximum benefit from the available resources
  • Work in partnership to open up access to the resources of all Welsh Libraries
  • Maintain a searchable catalogue of Welsh Library resources
  • Co-operate to create a new bilingual digital content about Wales and its people
  • Promote libraries to attract more people to benefit from their services
  • Regularly consult users to gather their views on the service and information about their changing needs


The Welsh Public Library Standards will underpin the performance measures for the service as we operate in a time of austerity and funding cuts to public services. Having already undergone a series of staffing cuts, service cuts and reductions to budgets the service will strive to continue to provide top quality services to the people of Merthyr Tydfil.

The Full Merthyr Tydfil Public Libraries Strategy 2019-2021 document can be found here.

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